Payroll Service

Our firm has been operating a payroll department for over twenty years. We therefore have a great wealth of experience in respect of the service.
Our aim is to take the worry and anguish out of the PAYE burden imposed by the government.
Many of our clients, even though they may have their own computer program, find it more convenient and less worry to use our service.


•  We will set up the PAYE scheme with HMRC if necessary.

•  Keep details of all employees and changes as required by HMRC

•  Calculate net salaries of your employees after taking account of statutory sick pay,
    Maternity pay, National Insurance and tax etc.

•   File monthly returns electronically with H M Revenue & Customs.

•  Supply you with copies of payslips monthly or weekly to give to your employees.

•   Supply a copy of P60 for each employee annually.


All you have to do is pay our fee and send a monthly online payment to the collector of taxes each month, and of course pay the net salary to each employee.